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ESPN launches new podcast with TV personality Jamie Laing and comedian Alex Lowe

Others brought creativity and entertainment to sports broadcasting but Patrick and "KO" perfected the art and changed the way fans consume highlights forever. Not many sportscasters have 16 motion pictures and two national radio shows on their resume.

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Patrick has set the bar in the sports broadcasting industry. When he was good, few have ever been as entertaining and likable as Berman. Signature catch phrases and nicknames made him one of the preeminent SportsCenter anchors during the time of biggest growth for ESPN.

Norman Chad’s Wives

However, his longevity might be his biggest weakness as 30 years in the business has left his shtick a bit stale. At his best the '90s , he was one of the greats. And at his worst the '00s , he can be nails on a chalkboard. The classy stalwart has been with the network since its inception in , making him one of if not the longest tenured ESPN employees in the building. Over the course of his prestigious career, Ley has claimed eight sports Emmys Sports Journalism and three Cable ACE awards Sports Information Series and has been the long-time host of the acclaimed investigative program Outside the Lines.

He is credited with breaking the story of Pete Rose being banned from baseball. His influence on sports fans and the media was vast and interwoven with the very sports he covered.

The Best Sports Personalities on ESPN

But most importantly, he was a role model, influence and road-paver for young African-American journalists across the country. And he did it with class, humor, courage and originality. He will be missed. There is little Mr. Gumbel has yet to accomplish in his illustrious broadcasting career. But it all started back in when he started his career at ESPN.

He was a reporter, anchor and play-by-play man at a time when many doubted the future of SportsCenter. Few television personalities have ever had a dryer sense of humor than Mayne.

Senior Golf Analyst,

Keith Theodore Olbermann is an American sports and political commentator and writer. From to he was a producer and anchor for Fox Sports Net and a host In January Olbermann returned to ESPN's SportsCenter program, Comedy Central with then-host and former ESPN colleague Craig Kilborn. ESPN analyst/reporter; Stacey Dales: – (men's and women's college basketball analyst) and sideline reporter for college football, college basketball.

The Washington native and junior college quarterback debuted on SportSmash in before moving over to the big network and developing into one of the funnier broadcasters in sports. His extensive and creative home runs calls in particular have withstood the test of time. In , Cohn made her first big mark in the business by becoming the first full-time national female sports anchor in U.

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She has withstood the test of time, hosting SportsCenter for over 20 years. The consummate professional, Davis can play both host and analyst roles as well as anyone in the business. He is always gracious with his time and is one of the few who genuinely loves the sports he covers. The smooth-talking Roberts has been a staple of national television for over two decades. With quality catch-phrases and her up-tempo personality, Roberts developed into one of the best SportsCenter anchors of all-time. Her very public bout and victory with cancer is just one reason millions have grown to love the Mississippi native.

Hailing from one of the most prestigious journalism departments in the nation at Missouri, Anderson has been one of the best new generation anchors at ESPN. He also famously appeared in Old School. Why are they coming over here? We used to battle them, screw these guys. So we had to all get to know each other and figure each other out.

Q: You started your own music production company called Ehko Music.

More Q&As with local sports radio hosts

Can you tell me about it? Skin: One of the things I was doing career-wise was I always produced music, you know, starting with the rap stuff. I had actually partnered up with this guy that now lives in San Antonio, named Ruben Ayala. He was a big studio engineer and music producer here in Dallas and I learned so much from him, I had a really good bond with him. He had this connection to the music production world. So these companies have these vast music production libraries in which you can license music from.

Well Ruben had gotten me into that world with him.

We get it up and going, get a little bit of work going. Still scrapping at it and then suddenly I get offered a full-time radio job.

Why Katie Nolan joined ESPN and how she's growing the digital audience

I stay busy with that. Really, I have three gigs. I have the full-time radio gig, I have the Mavericks gig and then me and my partner in San Antonio have this music production company that we run and it keeps me really really busy. I like all that. I like the marketing of music, I like the use of music, how it conveys emotions and different things. As someone who studied film, that was always a real important part of it.

The times I wrote screenplays, I usually wrote them around songs or music or those kinds of things. Q: The Mavericks broadcast team had traditionally been only two sideline hosts. How did you pave your way as the third? Skin: Again, I got lucky.

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Drawing from his early career experience on local radio, Harris has built his reputation on goofy catch phrases and voice work. Music's in the air as the talented Mi There are times when it's called for or needed, but percent of the time, I'm not going to be joking around and just goofing off. John's won and Syracuse lost. It's a fun game! Oh, and how about the fact that she played on the boy's hockey team in high school? Tale as old as time.

I think Cuban's an outside-the-box thinker. What the thought process was -- I don't mind saying it -- I'm a very knowledgeable basketball person, I know my [expletive].

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So people that work in the NBA and stuff that do know me, they know I know my stuff. They know way more than me, right? Cuban wanted to add a comedic element to the broadcast. He knew that I would be able to carry on with the conversation, hold my own, make good observations and those sorts of things.

At first, I think there were a lot of people who were like, "What the [expletive] is this crap? I grew up going to basketball games with my dad. My dad had season tickets, my dad was a basketball coach. So many of our father-son memories were me and him at basketball games or going to tournaments or whatever.

He was my favorite Maverick. I wanted to be Derek Harper. And now I work with him. Skin: The real obvious answer is Dirk [Nowitzki]. There's only one, man. He is the franchise. I think people really need to stop and think about what he is and what he has done.