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Also provide a fax number and an e-mail address in the event the report can be faxed. Not all reports are available to be sent electronically.

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For Arrest Reports , include the name of the person arrested, their date of birth, and the date and location of arrest, if known. Arrest reports may be picked up at Police Records or obtained by mail.

Hamilton County Ohio Court Directory

For Parking Infractions , include the date of the citation and the license plate number. For Traffic Citations , include the name of the person who was issued the citation, their birth date, the date of occurrence and the location of the traffic stop.

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Email your request to cpdrecords cincinnati-oh. A Public Records Request form is available here for your convenience. Call for more information.

Hamilton ohio warrants

Hamilton County Clerk of Courts Aftab Pureval. Main St, Cincinnati, OH · Contact Us Records Search Court Date. Search By Case Number. Common Pleas Criminal Municipal of Appeals. (mm/dd/yyyy) *For criminal cases only This search does not include City of Cincinnati Parking violations.

The unofficial records cannot be used as evidence in court, to verify a driving record for employment or for getting car insurance. Contact the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts at Then-clerk James Cissell snagged the domain name courtclerk.

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You can run names through the website and find cases. Some people would like to change that.

You have to take time off. You have to find time to go downtown, which either means driving and paying for parking or coordinating public transportation.

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  • Hamilton ohio warrants;
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You have to wait to be served, then you get hard copies of what you need and often have to pay for prints. It disproportionately encumbers the people who often need the courts the most. The courthouse — actually three courthouses, with traffic and family courts nearby — is a very busy place.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters wants Ohio Supreme Court justice off death penalty case

More than 50, traffic cases, 40, criminal cases and 35, civil cases are filed annually, Waters says. Waters says there is no move afoot to restore online access to case documents. The problem, he says, is finding computer software that will identify and remove every Social Security number and date of birth.

Online court records are handled that way in Hamilton County to protect from identity theft in case any filings contain social security numbers or other personal information, said Triffon Callos, the chief of staff in the Hamilton County prosecutor's office. Kabat said concerns about identify theft are not a valid reason to keep public records off the website, especially records that are filed electronically.

Other courts around the country are able to avoid problems with identity theft and make records available to the public, he said.

Hamilton ohio warrants

Lawyers and representatives of the media with special passwords are able to access court documents that haven't been sealed by a judge, and members of the public can obtain records through public records requests. Kabat said that barrier shouldn't exist, and not putting the records online rather than sealing them "is a distinction without a difference. He said it's especially important for the public to have access to records in the homeless encampment case.