How to use turkey locator calls

Turkey Hunting Tips: How to use locator calls for hunting turkeys

They sound spooky as hell. I wouldnt call it a screech in fact. I have tried all these and got nothing, then hunted with a pro and for no reason I could figure out, those same calls worked for him! I couldnt get anything good out of the pileated call I had, very hard to use if you ask me. Really cool to hear one. It has a raspier, more irritating sound than any other crow call I've tried.

I learned from my dad when I was a kid to imitate the barred owlYou cook for me, I'll cook for Youuuuuaaallllbut don't get responses from it once the sun gets up over the horizon, the turkeys seem to know that it's out of place in the sunshine.

Locator Calls and the Shock Gobble Response

I've heard of good results from a tube call, but that's right back to yelping like you were talking about. I've heard turkeys gobble at coyote howls, but the coyotes were at a distance and I'm afraid a coyote howl at closer range to a tom would shut him up. Never tried a goose call, but it should work. Sometimes the dang turkeys just don't answer anything.

Using Locator Calls For Turkey Hunting

Elmer, I don't like to use locator calls at all unless absolutely necessary. I've turkey hunted for a long time and I've seen every noise maker known to man honked on relentlessly in the spring turkey woods. I've used crow calls, hawk calls and Owling less and less as I've hunted. Over the years I've seen shock response to these calls get less and less frequent.

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Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. However, using turkey calls to locate a long beard can have major drawbacks. Just look here , here , here , here , here , here , and here. The hunter will learn turkey call techniques to attract a turkey to their location. However, because coyotes have expanded their range into the East, the coyote howler works for eastern hunters as well. Locator calls include owl hoots, crow calls, coyote howls, and turkey gobbles.

On public land I am convinced the kiss of death is to blow a locator call. Even on private land their ears harden quickly to shock calls. In my neck of the woods there are plenty of Barred Owls, crows, jay birds, wood peckers and other noisy critters sounding off at day break and before.

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If the birds are going to shock gobble they'll do it to this music just a easily. I get into the woods way before most other folks. I'm usually standing where I want to be about 45 minutres to an hour before fly down. My positioning is typically due to effective scouting and historical knowledge of where the birds will be or should be. I don't ride 4 wheelers another kiss of death as far as I'm concerned I walk, sometimes several miles into an area before dawn.

I also don't call from or set up on the "likely spots" on well walked roads and trails on public land or even on moderately hunted private land. If birds constantly hear noise from these areas I firmly believe they become suspicious and may not respond or approach such sites.

Just my experience. The locator call business is just as big as the call business. What folks don't see on videos and TV is the 87 times the locator calls don't work compared to the one time they do. Just my two cents worth and a little bit of experience thrown in for measure Del in KS. Like Beekeeper I've tried just about everything.

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  • What is a Shock Gobble?!

Even bought a peacock call and never got a single answer to it. The best thing that has worked for me all private land is the ol' "Who cooks for you, Who cooks for you awwwwwwwl" of the barred owl with a gravelly ending. It only works very early when the birds are waking on the roost.

During the day loud yelping on a box call or gobbling with a shaker tube has worked more than a few times. Be ready because sometimes a bird will come on the run.

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Also Be very carefull and wary of other hunters in the area. That is not a problem in my area I rarely see another turkey hunter. It just takes acumulated spelling? I recall a hunt many years ago on Ft. Wood MO when I had set up on a roosted bird and was just waiting for daylight. In the distance heard a truck with a noisy muffler drive a ways and stop for a few then drive again until finally he stopped on a nearby road, killed the motor and started hooting.

After a moment he cranked up and left. My gobbler had already gobbled many times but he went silent while the truck was still a long ways off. After this pilgrim left he flew down and hauled it for parts unknown never gobbling again. Del, have had a similar experience to yours with the noisy muffler guy, only the gobbler resumed gobbling to my yelps after he left. Didnt get those birds called in tho, so they got wary it seems.

Right Rail 1. Top Active Users. Right Rail 2. Latest Topics. I wouldn't recommend it for hunting, though. Cheapeats Guide. We raised domestic turkeys and my dad used to practice with them, the door slam was always good not sure if it was the slam or the combination of squeaky old ford and the slam.

Locally the owl works pretty good as does a small gas outboard motor starting up. I will have to try the silent whistle some time.

Thanks for the headsup. I have heard turkeys gobble at coyotes, but I wouldn't use a coyote call to locate them. Something about the sound of a predator that makes them want to go the other direction.

Other Sounds from the Turkey Woods

When speaking of the perfect turkey hunt, most hunters would describe hunting gobblers off the roost. The boss tom flies off his perch and into the view of this. Turkey hunters have used locator calls for ages. And they'll use them for ages to come. Here are a few you've used, some you might have used.

One place I hunted had a donkey on the farm. Before sunrise he would go to braying That first donkey bray was about enough to make you need to change your shorts before daylight. Sealbilly Guide.

Tips on Using Different Turkey Locator Calls - Cabela's Turkey Roost

I used to hunt a piece of property on the clinch river. I used a goose call because everybody and their momma would ride up and down the roads stopping every yards and blow hoot at them. After a while they wouldnt respond to a owl call. The goose call worked many times.

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I don't use locator calls really. I've been known to throw out a crow call with my own voice every now and then if the hunting has been rough. Overall though, I try to locate in the morning or evening when they are already gobbling. If they are quite in the woods, I am quiet. Maybe a few soft clucks and purrs every now and then but overall I try to stay stealthy and put myself in a position in a nice draw or valley where I know they have to travel through.

I've never had much luck stalking turkey because odds are they are gonna see or here you before you get close enough anyway.

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With proper scouting, you should already know where they are traveling through the most and be able to put yourself in a position for success. Saying all that, there are always exceptions and every hunt is different. Especially when you start talking about different sub-species in different parts of the country.