Mother and daughter nipples look alike

46 Unbelievable Pics Of Mothers And Daughters Who Look Almost The Same Age

Zoe Kravitz is the spitting image of her mother, Lisa Bonet.

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Lisa had Zoe with Lenny Kravitz when she was only years-old , so that can explain her youthful looks. One could totally mistake these two for sisters. This girl Kaylan Mahomes posted this photo of herself with her twin and her mother. These three ladies went viral a couple of times. In case you were wondering, the mom is the one with the bun. The daughter, Jazmyne Wardell, is Her mother, Natalie, is This is a picture of Georgie Smedley, 44, and her year-old daughter, Jazz.

Breast cancer charity a mother-daughter passion project

I only know these women cause my mom made me grow up watching Russian TV. I would almost say Svetlana on the left looks younger than Polina in this photo. Polina is years-old, and Svetlana is years-old. Yasmin Le Bon is a British year-old model, and her year-old daughter Amber followed directly in her footsteps.

Yes, this video is trying to tell you something

Maybe just the pink hair gives away the younger woman. How is it fair to have such amazing genes? Shanice Hairston and her mom Evenlyn Lozada have an amazing relationship. But the two women honestly look like they are the same age. She is a woman that just ages flawlessly.

Mothers with daughters facing breast cancer

Well, it looks like her year-old daughter, Rumer, is following in her footsteps. See that woman in the middle there? The women are also 36, on the left, and 41, on the right. Can you believe that?

A Family Affair -- Mom and Daughter Face Breast Cancer Together with Texas Health Resources

She says the key to her appearance is keeping hydrated. These two gorgeous redheads share the same glorious curly mane. Jessie Lounsbury from Iowa shared this photo of herself with her pretty mama. Even though we hear it all the time that we look so much alike it has never bothered me to hear this. This is a picture of five beautiful sisters, right? Well, the girl …ehmm, I mean woman on the right, Sou Arnaout Molina , is actually The girls are all lined up by age, starting with the youngest girl, who is 7.

Molina truly looks like she is just a few years older than her year-old daughter immediately to her left. Honestly, this one is creeping me out a little bit. Shawn Love got a tattoo of a breast cancer ribbon after her mom, Donna, was first diagnosed with the disease.

1. Zoey Kravitz And Lisa Bonet

In addition to the extreme fatigue, nausea and loss of appetite, she also had a weakened immune system, which made her susceptible to illness. She was hospitalized after bouts of the flu and C.

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  • Breast Cancer Risk in Daughters of Women With Breast Cancer!

Shawn also had severe allergic reactions to two of the three types of chemotherapy. At one frightening point during treatment, her heart stopped. Nurses took turns watching her during every visit in case she had a life-threatening reaction, and a crash cart was attached to her IV pole every time. The outpouring of support from loved ones was a great source of comfort for Shawn.

Coworkers sent candy, magazines and cards every week to keep her spirits up. Michelle Majoy, the care manager at Aetna who previously supported Donna during her treatment, helped Shawn secure necessary paperwork, lined up counseling and fielded questions. If Shawn learned anything from watching her mom take on breast cancer twice, it was the importance of maintaining normal routines. So she continued to go to work, as a senior project manager at Aetna, and often brought her laptop with her during treatments.

She set a goal to attend barre classes during chemo and hit the mark shortly before the double mastectomy. While Shawn was touring colleges with her oldest daughter, her hair, which went down to the middle of her back, began to fall out. Like Donna, Shawn asked her brother-in-law to shave her head at home. He did the honors in the driveway, and her family was by her side. After chemo ended, Shawn prepared for a double mastectomy and reconstruction. Her sister, Melissa Nixon, had also tested positive for the BRCA gene mutation, and after having both ovaries removed, was scheduled to also have a double mastectomy and reconstruction.

On July 28, , the sisters had their surgeries in the same hospital, one right after the other. Cancer leaves its mark. Shawn carries physical reminders, too. Chemo gifted her with a head of big, bouncy curls, but also left her with mental fogginess, problems with short-term memory and lymphedema, or swelling, of her right arm and leg. If anything, breast cancer has made both women more focused than ever on the future.

Recently retired, Donna now sits on the board of directors for Earlier. She also makes a point to educate her grandchildren about the disease and took great pride when Natalie, 12, lobbied her class to donate money to the cause. After all, the cancer appeared within six months. Here I am.

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If your mother had breast cancer, what is your chance of having the same type? If your mother or father are alive and able to share your family's background. It Never Fails That Someone Has To Ask If We Are Twins Or Sisters. Even Though We Hear It All The Time That We Look So Much Alike It Has Never Bothered.

Donna and Shawn credit their family and friends for helping them through treatment and recovery. Aetna members have access to a Breast Cancer Support center to help you along your journey.

Visit your member portal and click Stay Healthy. Only members with an active medical plan and a female over the age of 35 on their plan will be able to connect to the support center at this time. We are working to expand access. Links to various non-Aetna sites are provided for your convenience only. Aetna Inc. Individuals overview. Get a quote. Medicare Health insurance Dental coverage Vision insurance Medicaid.