Web usability and search engine friendly design

Search-Engine Friendly Design vs. Searcher-Friendly Design

Usability is important from the perpective of the user because this will determine if they complete their task at hand or not and also how the experience was. From the business owners point of view, having a usable website means happy clients who do not get frustrated during the process of completing a conversion. At SMG Convonix, we have realized the need and potential of user friendly websites and optimized landing pages.

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Giving the users exactly what they are looking for in a direct and concise way helps the users relate to the site and interact in a way that leads to the common end goal of the business owners and the users. We design stand-alone landing pages that are used for social media campaigns and paid search marketing.

Stand-alone pages are not enough since majority of the traffic to most of the sites comes through organic listings. Making the complete website user centric from the 1st page users land on till the page where the goal is achieved is a different challenge on its own, which we love to take! Analyzing and auditing your current website for elements that may be hampering your conversion rates and giving suggestions to improve this is another service we provide.

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While suggesting changes on your website we take into consideration the market you are dealing with, your target audience ad your competitors. This website usability analysis , thus, gives us a holistic view of where your website needs improvement.

If you have a page that you think is not working, and have an idea for another page that may work better, we help you test it! The key principle we follow while creating website designs that are usable is to employ iterative designs. There is no way for us to ensure what would wok best.

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Contact Omni Marketing Interactive for search engine optimization (SEO), Web site design, and site usability services in a wide variety of industries. Call us at. The Basics of Search Engine Friendly Design & Development. Search engines are limited in how they crawl the web and interpret content. A webpage .. It is critical to both user experience and search engine optimization. As title tags are.

The content on your website is what tells search engines what each page is about. Where it once was enough to stuff landing pages full of keywords to achieve rankings, modern SEO is all about quality content.

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In order to create content that can truly be called high quality; you need to begin planning for it before the design phase or redesign is underway. What types of content are necessary to convey our message as effectively as possible? The alternative means wedging content in after the fact, when ideas about the design may have already become entrenched and difficult to alter.

A redesign can be a dangerous time for the SEO value of a website. Not realizing this, many companies waltz blindly into a redesign, only discovering their error when their organic traffic takes a nosedive. Before you begin the redesign process, you should crawl your site to come up with a view of the current site, including all the pages on the site and relevant information associated with them eg; current rankings, existing title tags.

Are any of these pages outdated or redundant? If so, where can they be redirected in your new architecture? Which of the current site pages rank highly for your target keywords?

Top 5 Ways Responsive Web Design Benefits Your SEO

Being aware of the ways in which design and SEO are linked will help ensure your site has every opportunity to rank for the key terms and themes that matter to your business. Digital growth strategist focused on providing specific tactics and strategies to grow brands online.

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